ALL WASH & FOLD SERVICES START AT $1.49 PER POUND! (*Dreft & Ecos excluded)
Lysol Laundry Sanitizer is now available. Stay safe during COVID!
FREE pickup and delivery Sunday - Thursday in all areas! $10 OFF YOUR 1ST ORDER!
10% discount for all senior citizens & military members (Must sign up for recurring weekly or biweekly service).
Make sure to download the WashClub App in your phone's App store (IOS & Android devices).
Laundry must be left in laundry bags or plastic bags. NO LAUNDRY BASKETS, HAMPERS, OR MESH BAGS!

Call to Schedule! (516) 272-4699 or (631) 336-2963


If you don't find the answers to your questions in our FAQ, give us a call at (516) 272-4699 or (631) 336-2963, we'll be happy to help!

What is your pick up and delivery schedule?

Please click here to view our full service area list, as well as our schedule.

We pick up and deliver between 6PM and 2AM Sunday night through Thursday night. Delivery is within 24-hours. All orders picked up on Thursday night will be delivered on Sunday night.

Do you guarantee delivery according to your schedule, which is within 24-hours?

Yes, we do. However, we still list that delivery is guaranteed within 24-hours 99% of the time.

At times, circumstances do come up, which are out of our control. Storms or other inclement weather, road closures due to accidents, and vehicle break-downs. Since we operate in the middle-of-the-night, we are generally not affected by the above-mentioned, our vehicles are new, so we're generally not affected by vehicle break-downs either.

I don't understand your schedule. Are you going to wake me up in the middle-of-the-night?

Absolutely not! Your bag(s) should be left outside your door 1-hour prior to the start time of the window, which would be 5PM. When we deliver, we will leave your bag(s) in the same spot.

You can leave your bag(s) at the front, side or back of your house. Some of our customers leave their bag(s) inside their car, it's completely up to you.

If the weather is bad, don't be concerned. When we deliver, your laundry bag will be wrapped in a very thick plastic. As far as pick up, you can simply put your laundry bag(s) inside garbage bag(s) and turn them upside-down.

I don't understand how to place an order using the shopping cart, can you help me?

Absolutely! It's actually very simple; once you get to know the system.

If you don't feel like reading the steps below, simply call us at (516) 272-4699 or (631) 336-2963 and we'll place your order for you.

Step 1:

The first thing you have to decide is the type of detergent that you want us to use for a load you add to your cart. Do you want scented, which would be Tide® and Downy® or free and clear, which would be all® Free Clear and Downy® Free & Gentle? Lastly, we also offer Dreft®, which is generally for babies. If you select all® Free Clear or Dreft®, and want to use a fabric softener or booster, we would use Downy® Free & Gentle and OxiClean® Free. If you select a free and clear detergent, we would not use a scented Downy®.

Step 2:

Assuming you selected scented, click on "Add" next to "Wash and Fold: Tide®". Simply estimate the weight. It's generally about 15 pounds per person; per week. The "Color Separation" option is always checked. If you would like to add a fabric softener, check the box to the right of Downy®. If you would like to use a booster, check the box to the right of OxiClean®. Keep in mind, if you select OxiClean®, we don't use OxiClean® detergent, we still use Tide® and use the OxiClean® booster.

As far as "Towel Separation" or "Linen Separation", if you would like for us to wash those in separate machines, check the box to the right of the option. So even though we always separate your lights from your darks, some of our customers don't want towels or other linens mixed with their clothing. So if you select "Towel Separation" or "Linen Separation", we will wash your dark clothes, light clothes, dark towels and light towels all in separate machines; using a total of four machines. Why would someone not want to wash towels or linens with their general laundry? Sometimes towels are very plush, or linens might have some lace, so zippers from jeans or sweatshirts might snag the plush towels or lace from your linens, and start to tear or cause early aging. This isn't really necessary. We don't overload our machines, so it's very likely that you'll receive towel and linen separation for free!

Finally, there is an option for "Delicate Drying". If you select this option, it will be treated as a separate load. For example, you have 20 pounds of general wash and fold and only 5 shirts that have to be dried on delicate. You would add one "Wash and Fold: Tide®" load to your cart at 20 pounds; without selecting "Delicate Drying". Then, to cover the 5 shirts, you would add a second "Wash and Fold: Tide®" load to your cart at about 2 pounds and select the "Delicate Drying" option.

Step 3:

Once you select all of your options, you can add any special care instructions under the "Special Instructions" field. You can provide special care instructions for each load. For example, you add one "Wash and Fold: Dreft®" load to your cart for your babies clothing with special instructions, then you add one "Wash and Fold: Tide®" load to your cart for the adults clothing with special instructions.

Once all options are selected, click on "Add to Cart", and the load you created will get added to your shopping cart.

Step 4:

If you have any comforters, blankets, bedspreads, mattress pads, dog beds or anything else related, simply add those items to your shopping cart as well. Remember, for a "Comforter or Bedspread: Twin", we charge $11.95 plus the weight, which is how most drop-off laundromats charge. You'd be surprised at how much money you'll save with WashClub Long Island.

Step 5:

Once all items are in your shopping cart, select a pick up and delivery time that is convenient for you, add any special instructions regarding delivery under "Delivery Instructions" and click "Proceed". The delivery instructions are different from the special care instructions. Delivery instructions would be something along the lines of "Pick up laundry from front porch.".

Step 6:

Once you click on "Proceed", either login to your existing account if you have placed an order before, or click on "New Customers". New customers should fill out our secure order form, and click "Checkout" to finalize the order. We do not charge your credit card when you place your order. We do not charge your card until we update your order, which is after it's all packed up and ready for delivery. Remember, we charge you based on your dry and clean weight. So if your towels are damp when we pick up from you, you will not be paying for that extra weight from the damp towels. You'd be surprised. A damp towel will likely be an extra 1-3 pounds per towel, so it adds up quickly. ALL local laundromats that offer drop-off service will always charge you based on the weight when you drop off, which is when they write up your ticket.

Step 7:

Lastly, check your email to confirm your order. If you have to make any changes to the pick up or delivery time, you can do so in the secure customer area of our website.

How am I supposed to weigh my items when I place an order online?

The order you place on our website is only an estimate. When we pick up your items, our team will sort and weigh your items, and update your order. At that point, we charge your credit card. Your credit card is not charged when you place your order; instead, it is charged prior to delivery.

Do I have to sort my items, such as darks from lights?

You do not have to sort your darks from the lights. All we ask is that you do separate the items that have special care instructions, such as low-temp drying, air drying or items that are delicate.

What should I pack my items in for my first order?

If you do not have laundry bags for your first order, or your items can't fit in your laundry bags, use garbage bags.

The bags must be tied, we cannot take open bags.

We do not take hampers. If we arrive for pick up, and you leave hampers outside for us to pick up, we will have to remove your items from the hampers and put them in laundry bags on-site. If our driver has to do that, we charge a $9.95 fee. Please, do not leave hampers out for us. We do not want to charge the fee.

What type of locations do you offer pick up and delivery service?

We will pick up and deliver from private residences, college dorms, hotels, motels, businesses and more!

Do you charge a minimum?

Yes, we do. Our minimum order is $34.99, plus an 8% service fee. Remember, we'll still allow you to place an order for a single shirt or five pounds of laundry, but your shopping cart will display the minimum price.

Remember, meeting our minimum should not be a big deal since the average weight of laundry is about 20 pounds per person; per week.

The pricing on our website is for retail only, not commercial. For commercial, please call to negotiate a rate.

Hotel guests also are not eligible to receive any discount(s).

What services do you offer?

We offer wash and fold laundry service. Wash and fold laundry service includes; but is not limited too, clothing, housewares, towels, baby clothes, blankets, sheets and other bedding, and much more.

Do you offer tailoring?

No, not at this time.

How do I place an order?

You can place your order on our website and pay with any major credit card or you can call us at (516) 272-4699 or (631) 336-2963 to place your order over the phone. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Do you accept cash or check?

Depending on the circumstances, we do. We only accept checks from proven customers, and in general, the same applies for cash.

How do the order discounts work; including the $10.00 first time discount?

Discounts are exactly as offered. New customers save $10.00 on their first order.

The pricing on our website is for retail only, not commercial. For commercial, please call to negotiate a rate.

Is my credit card and personal information safe, secure and confidential?

Absolutely, 100%. We do not have the ability to view your credit card information as it is passed along from our credit card processing company; Braintree, which is a leader in the industry. We do not store credit card numbers on our servers. We do not share, sell or rent your personal information to any third-parties or anyone else; under any circumstances.

Do I have to be home when you pick up or deliver my items?

We can pick up or deliver from you, your doorman or even leave items in a designated area on your property, but arrangements must be made in advance.

Do you offer same-day service?

At this time, we do not offer same-day service.

What happens if there is a problem when my items are returned?

Should there be an issue with your laundry, please call us immediately and we will make every effort to resolve the matter to your satisfaction. Please understand that some issues, like persistent stains, may not be able to be resolved regardless of available products and our efforts.

Can I manage my account on your website?

Absolutely! You can view your active orders and a complete order history of past orders. You can update your pick up and delivery schedule for any active order, update your credit card and personal information, quickly re-order past orders and much more in the customer area of our website!

Click here to access our secure customer area.